When to go & weather Venezuela

In Venezuela, the tourist season lasts all year round and, theoretically, any time is good to travel. Although the dry season can be much more favorable, some points of interest, especially the famous Angel Falls are more impressive during the rainy season.


Carnival in Venezuela South America


It is worth remembering the vacation periods of the country because at Christmas, Carnival and Easter, Venezuelans travel to visit their relatives and friends.

In these times you have to plan ahead, since it requires more effort to find accommodation.

On the other hand, these are periods of very colorful and animated celebrations.

The most exuberant festival in Venezuela is the Carnival, held over Monday and Tuesday prior to Ash Wednesday. It is focus on music, dances, parades and masked balls, the celebrations vary from region to region.

The most famous is the one of Carupano.


Amazon jungle Venezuela South America


Due the strong catholic character of the country, national festivals are usually associated with the Christian calendar. In addition to the enthusiastic celebrations of Easter, Christmas and Corpus Christi, various towns and cities make pay homage to their own saints throughout the year.


when to go and Weather to Venezuela South America


National Holidays

January 1st – New Year
Holly Thursday and Friday, Easter Sunday
April 19 – Declaration of Independence
May 1 “ Worker’s Day
June 24 – Battle of Carabobo
July 5 – Independence Day
July 24 – Anniversary of Bolivar
October 12 – Discovery of America
December 25 Christmas