Salar de Uyini


Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

This saline land of 12,000 km², at an altitude of 3,650 m, in the past was part of a prehistoric salt lake that covered most of the territory in southwestern Bolivia and is the largest salt flat in the world.

The Salar de Uyini is estimated to contain reserves of 10 billion tons of salt from which annually is pulled out 19,700 tons with traditional methods.

salar uyini

Saline lands in Bolivia


La Isla de Pescadores, in the midst of the saline lands, with spectacular cactus groups, and has a single colony of viscacha (long-tailed rodent, related to the chinchilla).


Salinas in Bolivia


Uyini town located in the southeast of Salinas, is the best starting point for many hikes.
Northwest of Uyini lies the Salar de Coipasa, a nice village of Indians Chipaya on its northern edge. Apparently, the inhabitants of this village may be descendants of the extinct civilization of Tiahuanaco. Travelers who venture far from the beaten paths of tourism must behave with due sensitivity to local culture, it is recommended to refrain from photographing the natives of this region.