Hotels in Ushuaia Patagonia Argentina


Below we are proving you with a large list of Hotels in El Calafate Patagonia Argentina with their address and phone numbers. The list includes a selection of nice places to stay in Calafate Patagonia Argentina. Ushuaia is the capital city of Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina. It is commonly regarded as the southernmost city in the world. Ushuaia is located in a wide bay on the southern coast of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, bounded on the north by the Martial mountain range and on the south by the Beagle Channel. Ushuaia is a busy port and adventure hub, Ushuaia is a sliver of steep streets and jumbled buildings set between the Beagle Channel and the snowcapped Martial Range. [ad#ad-468]

It’s a location matched by few, and chest-beating Ushuaia takes full advantage of its end-of-the-world status as an increasing number of Antarctica-bound vessels call in to port. Its endless mercantile hustle knows no irony: the souvenir shop named for Jeremy Button (a native kidnapped for show in England), the ski center named for a destructive invasive species…you get the idea. Within the impressive frame made up by the sea, the forests, the lakes and the mountains, Ushuaia is a picturesque city with an important tourist services infrastructure, an elegant commercial center and an increasing social and cultural activity.

In its surroundings, Ushuaia offers unexplored untouched territories that invite visitors to discovery and adventure. Therefore, the main activities to be done in this privileged nook are related with nature. Some of them are hiking, horse riding, climbing and diving.
Mount Castor Ski Resort is the the option offered by Ushuaia to the lovers of snow during the winter months.

List of Hotels in Ushuaia Patagonia Argentina:

Hotels in Ushuaia:

Hotel Del Glaciar
Reconquista – Ushuaia, Argentina

Hotel Los Acebos
Luis F. Martial 1911 Camino Al Glaciar Martial Ushuaia Ar 9410 – Ushuaia, Argentina

Hotel Tolkeyen
Del Tolkeyen 2145 – Ushuaia, Argentina

Hotel Cabo De Hornos Ushuaia
San Martín y J. M. de Rosas
9410 Ushuaia, Argentina
(0)2901 430 677

Hostel Mario A Lavado
B°san Salvador Ca 11, Ushuaia – (0)2901 431 883

Antartica Hostel
Antártida Argentida 270, Ushuaia – (0)2901 435 774

Hostel Patagonia Pais
Avenida Leandro N. Alem 152, Ushuaia – (0)2901 431 886

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