Jericoacoara is the newest fashion beach among travelers and some Brazilian hippies.


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It is located in the faraway and wild coast of Ceara, north-west of Fortaleza.


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This small fishing village is home to palm trees which are sunken in sand dunes in front of the jangadas (sailing ships) docked at the wide beach gray.


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Around its sandy streets there are pigs, goats, sheep, horses, donkeys and dogs wandering aimlessly. Every night is organized a forro where you can enjoy the dance.


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You can also do other activities such as: climbing the dunes, take a ride on jangaday, walk up to Pedra Furada, a rock located 3 km east along the coastline, or hire a horse and get to Mangue Seco, a smaller village, 18 km west along the beach.


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