On the Caribbean coast at the base of the peninsula of Paraguana we can find Coro city.


Peninsula of Paraguana Venezuela


Church of Coro City Venezuela South America

It is a quiet city of high cultural level and which has the best examples of colonial architecture in Venezuela.


Caribbean Coast of Venezuela


Founded in 1527, it was one of the first Columbian settlements in the continent, although most of its interesting architecture is dated from the eighteenth century, when it flourished as a basis for smuggled to the islands of Curacao and Bonaire.


Church of Coro City Venezuela South America


The historic city center was declared a national monument in the 1950s and several buildings have been restored. Of all the colonial-style streets, the most beautiful is the cobbled street Zamora, with spectacular old mansions. Other points of interest are the cathedral and the Art Museum of Coro.


Colonial style building of Coro City Venezuela South America