Lawyers and Attorneys in Uruguay

Uruguay Lawyers and Attorneys


Paz & Reynolds
Montevideo, Uruguay

Full Service Law and Foreign Investment Firm in Uruguay
Call +598 29155465
Paz & Reynolds is one of Uruguay’s leading law and foreign investment advice firms. Our practice covers all of the main branches in the legal profession. In addition, at Paz & Reynolds we provide accounting and tax advice services, thanks to the composition and background Lawyers and Attorneys in Uruguay

Ibarra & Leyton
Montevideo, Uruguay
Law Office in Uruguay
Call +598 29165556
Ibarra & Leyton (Sur) S.A. acts as liaison between the group of offices of Ibarra & Leyton (Panama, BVI, Belize, Seychelles, Anguilla, Bahamas, Geneva and Singapore) and its distinguished clientele in Uruguay and other countries of the South Cone with regard to Lawyers and Attorneys in Uruguay.

Cabal & Mirney
Montevideo, Uruguay
Law Firm in Uruguay
Call +598 2 94554515
Cabal & Mirney was founded in 1911, and before long it was acknowledged one of the leading law firms in the country. With prestige came growth, buttressed by a strategy of service to its clients, a firm endeavoring to give them practical assistance, at the right time and in whatever field Lawyers and Attorneys in Uruguay.













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