Peru, or the Republic of Peru is a country located on the Pacific coast of South America, bordering Colombia and Ecuador to the north, Brazil to the east, Bolivia and Chile to the south and the west Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Lima. Its population is around 30 million inhabitants. Peru is a tourist destination for its beaches, its Inca monuments, its forests, its mountains of the Andes and its culture.
The governing regime in Peru is a presidential democracy since it gained independence from Spain back in 1821. There are 24 regions that make up this country of different ethnicities, with a strong mixture of Western, Incas, Andean …

Its Pacific coast is ideal for numerous activities such as windsurfing, diving and surfing, while inland we find many places sports and outdoor activities such as hiking or climbing. Its beaches are also ideal, especially in the north, to rest.

In Peru we also highlight its monuments, not in vain is a country where we can find one of the seven wonders of the world, and a country that has essentially cultural tourism an important source of income. Visits to Machu Picchu are in the millions each year, generating an important activity in this country of contrasts, of cosmopolitanism, of mixing and wealth.

We must also remember that Peru is a country with one of the best food we can find in the world, globally, in fact your kitchen is considered as one of the 3 or four best in the world.


Travel to Peru South America


In Peru, we stay in a large number of venues, from resort hotels to apartments, houses, villas, chalets, lodges … housing in big cities or in remote areas is guaranteed to you.


Beautiful Peruvian girl


Peru is therefore an ideal place to enjoy your holiday, a place to find fun and entertainment, culture, adventure sports and nature … What are you waiting for? Come to Peru to spend your vacation!


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Nature, culture, adventure, outdoor sports, hiking, sightseeing, dining, festivals and traditions … all this and more is offered by the different towns and cities of Peru.













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