Laguna San Rafael National Park

The San Rafael Lagoon National Park, 1.7 million hectares, is located in southern Patagonia and is the most popular place in the region of Aisen.


Glaciers inside San Rafael National Park


Boat trip in San Rafael National Park


Despite the difficulty and expense of the transportation to arrive there, it is worth. In the National Park it is possible to see a lot of icebergs, fjords and mountain landscapes which are considered as the most spectacular in the world. In the water there are albatross, ducks, Magellanic penguins, otters, sea lions and seals giants. In the forest and surrounding lands live pudus, cougar and foxes. There are some flights taking off from Colhaique and they land in the Park. There are many shuttle services from Colhaique and Puerto Chacabuco, but those services are very expensive.