Salto de Aponguao


One of the most impressive and photogenic waterfalls of the Gran Sabana is the Salto de Aponguao. It is not an easily accessible place, the traveler must leave the highway and travel about 40 km along a not paved road until the Indian village of Iboribo. The next step is to hire a local tour guide to go across the Aponguao river, in canoe.


Aponguao water falls Venezuela South America



Once on the other side, you have to walk half an hour to the waterfall. Another possibility is renting a boat to go directly to the waterfall and then coming back by walk. The waterfall of 105 meters high is spectacular. A well-marked path leads to the base, where you can swim and sunbathe at one of its ponds. Nearby, there is a camping site with excellent views of the waterfall and the natural surroundings.