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Travel by plane is the most common way to get to Ecuador. Most flights from Europe have got a stopover at Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York or the Caribbean; finally they land at the international airports in Quito and Guayaquil.

Some airlines also depart directly from certain countries of Central and South American. The main international hub of the region is Lima, and it may be cheaper to fly to Peru and continue overland to Ecuador on a bus journey of 24 hour

You can also go to Ecuador by land or sea, but since the plane is much more practical and almost equivalent in price, few travelers opt for this possibility. The overland ride in public buses from Colombia and Peru is not a problem. Occasionally, the cargo ships stop at Guayaquil, but rarely you can get this kind of passage. Because of the peace treaty of October 1998, new border crossings with Peru will be open in the region east of the country.


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Ecuador has an air transport system more efficient than most other Andean countries.

It also has the virtue of being a small country and relatively cheap, which allows even low-budget travelers the option of taking a domestic flight.

Quito’s international airport is about 10 km north of the city and the Guayaquil airport is about 5 miles north of downtown.

Both have regular bus services and taxis.

The country’s major airlines are TAME and SAN, but there are other small airlines and charter flights.

Almost all journeys begin or end in Quito or Guayaquil.


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There are planes flying to Galapagos Islands, but they are expensive. It is also possible to make the journey by boat, but it is not cheaper either.
Most travelers use buses to move around the country.

The mini-buses (small vehicles of 22 seats) cover long distances quickly, the bigger buses are slower.


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You always have to have your passport on hand, as there is frequent monitoring of traffic police on the outskirts of cities. Avoid using night lines in the province of Guayas, as they sometimes have assaulted the buses.

You can hire a taxi (car, truck or SUV) for long distance, but you have to negotiate the price before starting the journey. Cars can be rented in some major cities, with prices comparable to Europe.


Public Transportation in Ecuador

In order to keep alive the railway system, foreigners are charged more to travel by train than Ecuadorians. It is allowed to go on top of some passenger coach, but it is cold. The spectacular ascent from Alausi to Guayaquil is one of the best railway journeys of the world.