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Weather in Guyana

The climate in Guyana is tropical, equatorial, hot and very humid. There are two seasons or periods of rain from May to August and from November to January. During the rainy season floods that may have been placed on alert weather natural hazard.

Featured Destinations Guyana

Kaieteur Falls, 250 meters high, in the National Park Commission 5 times higher than those of Niagara
Orinduik River Falls
The great savannah Rupunumi
The mountains of Kanunku
Marshall Falls
Iwokrama Nature Reserve
Boating on the Essequibo River
Playa de las Conchas and Shell Beach, a beach of 150 KM! Filled with remnants of shells (hence the name) between the rivers Pomeroon and Waini. From March to June can easily find huge amounts of sea turtles on this beach. Shell Beach is the only beach worth a visit the other beaches (not many) are usually quite dirty, neglected and tourism unstructured

Money in Guyana
The Guyanese Dollar is the currency, equivalent U $ S $ 1-190 DG
To get ideas of the cost of living in Guyana, a liter of gasoline costs U $ S 4, a half liter of mineral water U $ S 0.50 a can of Coca Cola U $ S 0.60, an espresso U $ S 0.40, 1-hour access Internet U $ S 2

Guyana Flag


Holidays in Guyana
Independence from England: May 26, 1966
Republic Day: February 23

Mapa de Guyana


Getting to Guyana

By air, there are several flights a week, mostly from Miami and New York USA, or Canada.

By land is accessible from Surinam or south from Brazil. From Surinam in Paramaribo see Mini buses for traveling to Guyana.
From Brazil may range from Boa Vista Bus (Amaturo Company) to Bonfim, then a taxi to the border, coast Takatu river, cross it and reach canoe and Lethem in Guyana. This journey will cost approximately about $ S 12. Once in Georgetown Lethem will go only in Trans Airways plane (Monday to Saturday) the cost is about U $ S 120

If you are in the city of Belem in Brazil must go to Cayenne in French Guyana and from there fly to Georgetown.

Note that it is illegal to enter Guyana rivers.

There are no routes from Venezuela to Guyana.

On these trips border do not walk alone, take taxi, if possible accompanied by other travelers trip and try not to reach the border at night.

Girls from Guyana


Moving around Guyana

There are many companies in Mini-Bus, the cheapest way to travel and they go through several states, however we recommend you travel with accredited tour operators, please check Georgetown, many destinations are served by ground after a couple of days travel, night crossing forests, rivers by boat is an adventure in groups may be safer than alone, especially if you speak the language (not Spanish is spoken in Guyana, English, Hindi and a little Portuguese)
If traveling by taxi always determine the price before the trip

Where to Sleep in Guyana
There are many options, most are very well equipped and very good level.

Waterfalls of Guyana


National Parks in Guyana:
Comission a National Park where the Kaieteur Waterfall is located far inland from 3 to 5 days from the capital if traveling by land, air can do, see the Georgetown tourism operators about the best way to travel according to your time and budget

Iwokrama Reserve (park access U $ S 15) has several GIANTS animals that are a record, such as Anaconda, the largest snake in the world, the largest bat of Latin America and the Cayman Blanco. The reservation is crossed by walkways safe (U $ S 5 access to them) of these animals are hanging very wide paths with up to 150 feet above the ground.

To reach the reserve airline travels to Annai and then a bus, see operators in Georgetown. In the same region of the reserve is the large Savannah River Rupunumi that closely resembles the African grasslands in the midst of these is the Kanucu mountain that shelters a very rich biodiversity in flora and fauna.

Staying safe in Guyana

Georgetown has earned a reputation for dangerous crimes, it is worth not walking alone, walking at night especially in the suburbs. The interior is different, is calm, but take care in places where many tourists are concentrated, may suffer some theft or fraud in prices are not clearly arranged before using any service. Do not go that has nothing to do with Tigre Bay or southeast of the city, neighborhoods or Buxton Ruimveldt Albouystown and say they are extremely dangerous and highly likely to be stolen if the visit was not me, but not worth the risk. The market area visit it only if really interested in and escorted day.
Do not wear jewelry or go with too much cash. If you see police officers in certain places so do not think this place is safer, there are travelers who say they were stolen in front of them and they do nothing, we are not aware but there are several such stories in bars or shelter where one coupled with other travelers.

Following these tips will ask common sense, we must not think that you will be surrounded by criminals or delinquent acts, pretend that you are dangerous in any city of any major city in the world, be careful and enjoy the city, has much nice to see and the interior is wonderful and the area of mountains, waterfalls will find friendly people and feel quite sure

Another thing, homosexuality is banned in Guyana and is sentenced to up to life imprisonment for those who practice it, if you travel in same-sex partner is respectful of those not in public favor and avoid large and dangerous problems.

Health for tourists in Guyana

There is a state hospital in Georgetown, is public, is at the center, but there is usually very crowded and its structure is poor, travel with traveler’s insurance and use private hospitals if you feel comfortable in the public hospital
It is necessary to be vaccinated against yellow fever before traveling to Guyana, also in the interior is recommended vaccines to enter Dengue and Malaria.
Drink only bottled mineral water.
Do not enter the places listed as hazardous
Avoid peak hours of heat, from 13.00 to 15.00 hours the temperature is very high and can lead to heat stroke

Guyana Food & Beverage
Most dishes are based on seafood or with strong African influences.
The Pepperport is a beef soup with cassava and some pepper
There are a lot of food of Indian origin with much curry
Find restaurants all over China
Common drinks are rum or rum, brandy, whiskey domestic
The most popular beer is Banks, but this is imported from Barbados

Useful Telephone Guyana
Police Emergency 911
Ambulance 913

Religion in Guyana
50% is Christian, 35% is Hindu, Muslim 10% and 5%

Useful Data
Electricity 110 / 240 V
International phone + 592
Internet domain. Gv
Time Zone UTC-3 / UTC-4
















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