Costa sur

The Pan American Highway does not depart from the coast and it goes across of various areas of interest located in the south of Lima.


South Coast of Peru


Stresses Pisco, a fishing port (known by its white grape brandy) from where the tourists move to observe wildlife in the nearby Ballestas Islands and Paracas Peninsula.


Sea birds in Costa Sur of Peru



Boat trip in the Pacific Ocean of Peru

It is an area of great archaeological interest, which includes the necropolis of the Paracas culture. To the south lies the town of Nazca, known for its elaborate ceramic and its giant geometric designs executed in the earth, which mostly depict animals and birds. Dated between 900 B.C. and 600 AD, the designs are only visible from the air, but for $ 50 there are numerous opportunities of overflying the area.


Nazca lines Peru South America