Government house of Paraguay


The capital, Asuncion, built in a modest hill on the east bank of the Paraguay River, is also the largest city in the country. Almost all the interesting sights of the city gather in the area bounded by the river at Colon Avenue, along the western side, on the streets Haedo and Luis A. Herrera.

There are few remnants of colonial style and this city didn’t have significant attempts to divide the neighborhoods.

So the city has become a hodgepodge of new and eclectic buildings with squatter settlements along the river banks and railroad tracks.Nowadays, the visitors can zoom in and photograph the Palacio de Gobierno, which means a major improvement to the situation experienced during the government of Rodriguez de Francia, El Supremo, who ordered to shoot anyone who came near the palace.

Next door is located the Casa Viola, one of the few preserved colonial buildings, now it is a museum.


Asuncion historical center



Asuncion Paraguay South America

Other places of interest include the Casa de Cultura Paraguaya, the Cathedral the nineteenth century with its museum, and the Casa de la Independencia, which is the oldest building in Asuncion (dating from 1772) and it was home of the Declaration of Independence There are also magnificent Parks like the Botanic Gardens and Museo del Barro, the main repository of modern art in the city.


Asuncion Paraguay South America from the air


The Asuncion Zoo, which once had lamentable foul-smelling and dirty cages which were full of neglected animals, it seems to be improved under new management and nowadays it is home to unique flora and fauna of Paraguay.


taxis of Asuncion Paraguay South America


To find cheap food and accommodation, it is preferable to go to the center of the city, to the river or the surrounding area to the east.


Streets of Asuncion Paraguay South America


The Porn movies and Kung-Fu movies fill billboards, but there is a good range of music and theater plays in the cultural centers. The best shopping streets are Colon, Pettirossi, Palma and Estrella.


Flag of Paraguay