Bogota the capital city, is the quintessence of everything that represents Colombia: a city of futuristic architecture with an intellectual life and diverse and vibrant culture.

A city which has got splendid colonial churches and dazzling museums but at the same time the city has got abandoned children like in the books of Charles Dickens, with homeless, slums and traffic jams.


Colonial Streets in Bogota



The surprising mix of wealth and poverty, luxury cars and mules, makes it one of the most chaotic cities, fascinating and fearless in the world.

Among the monuments that you should not miss we find the Gold Museum, which houses many pre-Columbian objects and perhaps the most important museum of its kind in the world.

The National Museum, with a wealth of works of art from the pre-Columbian period to the contemporary.


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The Santa Clara church, whose interior it offers treasures, images and altarpieces painted in fresco. The Church of San Ignacio, one of the most beautifully decorated temples across the country.


Great flora and Fauna of Bogota Colombia


The colonial neighborhood of La Candelaria which is the oldest of the city. Cerro de Monserrate, a mountain overlooking the city, famous because apparently there have been many miracles, and the beautiful Botanical Garden Jose Celestino Mutis, who hosts a variety of domestic species.


Historical center of Bogota


Go through the streets of Bogota and observe its dizzying bustle, avalanches of minibuses, quirky shops and stalls is as fascinating as contemplating the serene atmosphere of colonial churches and museums, so it will necessary to have enough time to visit it.


Catholic Church in Bogota Colombia


We recommend watching the street musicians of the Plaza de Santander, visit the Sunday flea market and watch without buying in the Market of emeralds which is located on the southwest corner of Avenida Jimenez and Carrera 7.


Bogota Colombia from the air


There is also an attractive artistic and entertainment offer with theaters and classical music, discos in the pink zone where sensual Cuban rhythms are sounded, plus many opportunities to attend football matches and bullfights. Most low-budget travelers tend to stay around La Candelaria neighborhood, which offers accommodation and food at affordable prices.


Indian icon of Bogota Colombia


About 50 km northeast of Bogota is located the colonial town and its famous lagoon Guatavita, ritual center and sacred lake of the Indian music and birthplace of the myth of El Dorado.


Cathedral of Bogota