Activities in Venezuela

The almost forty National Parks of Venezuela offer a wide range of hiking trails.


Trekking in Venezuela


From short excursions properly signposted up to a jungle tour that should not be tackled without a machete and knowledge of the terrain. Avila National Park extends over Caracas and can be a good starting point. For less exploited routes, travelers can contact Guatopo Terepaima and San Esteban.


Climb mountains in Venezuela


The Sierra Nevada de Merida is the ideal region for mountaineering, hiking and rock climbing wall. Equipment and guides can be rented in the place. Merida is also the right place to hang gliding and paragliding.


National Parks in Venezuela


Along the Caribbean coast there are beaches with beautiful seabed easily accessible. Tucacas is the best center for diving and the cavers should visit the cave of Guacharo, the most spectacular of the many sets of caves in the country. It is located an hour by bus from Cumana.