Lawyers and Attorneys in Chile

Attorneys and Lawyers in Chile


L&Y Chilena
Santiago, Chile
Trademarks & Patents Law Firm
Call +56 2 67145454
L&L Chilena offers intellectual property legal portafolio management in Latin America. You will not need to handle a different law firm in each country. In every country the responsible lawyer has an important professional experience handling those subjects.
In our website you can find the best Lawyers and Attorneys.

LA & Aso. Attorneys and Counselors
Santiago, Chile
International Law Firm With Presence in Greater China and Latin America
Call +56 2 4468676746
LA & Aso is an international law firm with presence in Greater China and Latin America that provides legal services to local and international clients, including multinational corporations, investment funds, social enterprises, environmental enterprises, NGOs, government organizations and Lawyers and Attorneys.

Laurina & McLoad
Santiago, Chile
Global Law Firm
Call +56 2 3677000
Laurina & McLoad defined the global law firm in the 20th century, and we are redefining it to meet the challenges of the global economy in the 21st .
We bring to matters the instinctively global perspective and deep market knowledge and insights of 3,750 locally admitted lawyers in 67 city with the best Lawyers and Attorneys of Chile.


Virginia Arnet & Cia., Abogados
Santiago, Chile
Full-Service Law Firm in Chile
Call +56 2 365465464
Virginia Arnet y Cia. is one of the oldest and most prestigious full service large law firms in Chile. It was founded in 1880 when the lawyer and legal scholar Luis Claro Solar was admitted to the Bar, and for over a century has served its clients by providing the highest quality legal advice and representation of Lawyers and Attorneys.

Aguero, Pumpido & Garre L.L.P.
Santiago, Chile
Multi-Jurisdictional Law Firm With Offices in America, Europe and Asia
Call +56 2 448446465
Since its founding more than three-quarters of a century ago, Aguero, Pumpido & Garre LLP has grown and evolved in step with the evolving business and economic role of our Florida base. So today, the firm serves as a critical link in a chain connecting Florida with the business and economic centers with the best Lawyers and Attorneys.

Legal & Tax Chilean Ltda.
Av. Arequipa 2581, 8th Floor,
Phone: 562 335 58574
Santiago de Chile, Chile
















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