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Chile has air communication with North America, Europe and Australasia. Santiago receives numerous international flights every day. The national airline is LAN-Chile.


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Points of entry at the border between Chile with Peru and Bolivia are just a few and are far away between them.

The crossing between Arica (Chile) and Tacna (Peru) is the only land access to Peru.

Chile and Bolivia are connected by road or rail through Arica, Visviri, Tambo Quemado or Calama.

To travel to Argentina it is necessary crossing the Andes, except in La Patagonia.

The most important routes are Calama-Salta, Copiapo-Tucuman via Catamarca, La Serena-San Juan and Santiago-Mendoza.


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The most interesting routes are the ones of the Lake District and south of Patagonia, this area has bus and ferry services crossing the border between Chile and Argentina.

Travelling in Chile is easy because there are buses which are rapid, timely and comfortable. Chile also has an extensive aviation network. The competition between airlines has resulted in declining rates and nowadays they are particularly attractive.


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