Activities in Colombia


Water Falls in Colombia


The six-day trips (round trip) to the ruins of Lost City are very popular. The guides are responsible for getting the transportation, food and accommodation. The walking route from five to seven days, between Columbus Nabusimake and peak in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, is a great way to arrive in the Colombian mountains

There are many good opportunities to practice snorkeling and diving off the coast of the Del Rosario Islands, 30 km from Cartagena, and in the Baru Island, on the south part of the peninsula of Cartagena. The waters of San Andres and Providencia are excellent places to watch fish.


Scuba diving in Colombia


In Leticia, it is possible organizing risky excursions to the interior of the Amazon jungle. There are numerous well-equipped guides in the area, and it is not difficult to arrange excursions with duration up to ten days. It is essential to take mosquito repellent.


Play rugby in the Colombian beaches