Places in Colombia


Colombia is a country of contrasts, diversity, which are regions that look to the Caribbean islands that are already there, or regions that are lost in the Amazon jungle, not to mention the Pacific coast of Colombia which is very diverse, Colombia is beach, Colombia is forest, Colombia is natural paradise, Colombia is an area of volcanoes and high peaks, Colombia is a destination to enjoy your vacation.

The major tourist cities in Colombia are divided according to geographical area, although all of them will find a wide selection of hotels, apartments, hostels, houses, villas, cottages and other placesto stay during your vacation in Colombia.


Colombian women

In the Caribbean Sea or Atlantic region are regions and cities like Barranquilla (Atlantic), one of the highlights of Colombia and Cartagena (Bolívar), although the most important destination is Santa Marta Colombian Caribbean (Magdalena), the crown jewel of tourism in this country. In the Caribbean Sea are also San Andrés Island.


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In the interior, Bogota, the capital, hub of culture and history of Colombia, and Leticia (Amazonas) for its jungle scenery and Medellín.

In the Pacific Ocean highlight cities like San Juan de Pasto and Popayan, in the areas of Narino and Cauca respectively, Cali in Valle del Cauca and Quibdo in the region of Chocó.


Bogota Colombia South America

In addition, Colombia has other regions with major cities like Monteria Riohacha Sinecejo, Pereira, Yopal and Arauca among others that will offer endless possibilities to enjoy your vacation in this beautifulSouth American country.

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