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San Francisco de Quito, most often called Quito, is the capital city of Ecuador in northwestern South America. It is located in north-central Ecuador in the Guayllabamba river basin, on the eastern slopes of Pichincha, an activestratovolcano in the Andes mountains. With a population of 1,397,698 according to the last census (2001), and, as estimated by the municipality, approximately 1,504,991 in 2005, Quito is the second most populous city in Ecuador, after Guayaquil. It is also the capital of the Pichincha province and the seat of Metropolitan District of Quito. The canton recorded a population of 1,842,201 residents in the 2001 national census. In 2008, the city was designated as the headquarters of the Union of South American Nations. Quito is one of the most complling cities in Ecuador. Nestled in a long, narrow valley in theAndes, between the the Volcano Pichincha to the west and the Machángara River Canyon to the east, Quito enjoys a spectacular natural setting.

The Ecuadorian capital city’s mix ofcolonial and modern architecture creates a fascinating built environment. In addition to being the site of the Ecuadoriangovernment, Quito is also the nation’scultural capital, with an impressive selection ofmuseums,festivals, andnightlife. Quito’s climate is often described as eternal spring, meaning balmy days between 8-21° C, warm direct sunlight cooled by light steady breezes, painfully picturesque clouds that usually gather for a short afternoon shower, all capped by a cool–but not cold–darkness. The Quiteño saying, that the city experiences all four seasons in a single day, isn’t far off the mark. Dry season in the capital lasts June-Sept., with July and August receiving the least precipitation. A shortened dry season runs Dec.-Jan. More rain falls Feb.-March and Oct.-Nov., with at least half of April seeing a torrential downpour taking up most of the afternoon.

List of Hotels in Quito Ecuador


Swissotel Hotel Quito
Av 12 De Octubre 1820 Y Luis, Quito Canton – 02-2567600

Barnard Hotel
Queseras Del Medio E11-205 Frente Al Hos, Quito Canton – 02-2540629

Mercure Grand Hotel Alameda Quito
Roca 653 Y Amazonas, Quito, Ecuador, Quito [Mariscal Sucre], Ecuador – 02-2994000

Hotel Marriot
Orellana – Amazonas, Quito Canton – 02-2972000

Hilton Hotel Colon Quito
Amazonas y Patria, Quito Canton – 02-2560666

Nu House Boutique Hotel Quito
Foch E6 12 y Reina Victoria – Plaza El Quinde, Quito [Mariscal Sucre], Ecuador -02-2557845

Plaza Grande
Calle Garcia Moreno N5-16 Y Chile, San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador, Quito [Mariscal Sucre], Ecuador – 02-2510777


































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