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Argentina is one of the best tourist attractions in South America and with its rich mix of European and Latin American culture; you will find it a culturally rich destination when it comes to music, dance, architecture and most especially food.

For tourists, the leading attraction of Argentina are its natural wonders and in order to sojourn those incredible places, one should have to stay for a long time in Argentina.

For sure, the most adventurers and backpackers will love to visit the colorful mountains, amazing hills, seaside beaches and landscapes. For as far as snows matters, travelers will enjoy to ski with the beautiful aura of the mountains in Bariloche and Ushuaia. At the same time, the midst of landscapes of Argentina is a perfect sphere for lovers and families of all ages.

Here, because of its diverse climate, you can do a myriad of things from hiking in the rainforests of the Iguazu Falls to skiing or trekking the Perito Moreno glaciers, from immersing yourself in culture and history to taking part in eco-tours, from enjoying the rich food and night life to nights of camping and days of diving.


Buenos Aires Argentina


Argentina has a total of 785 localities, of which 26 have more than100.000 inhabitants, 28 are between 50.000 and 99.999 inhabitants,185 are between 10.000 and 49.999 inhabitants and 546 villages have between 2.000 and 9.999 inhabitants.
Buenos Aires, the capital, was founded in 1536 by Pedro de Mendoza and re founded in 1580 by Juan de Garay.


Cordoba Argentina

Its cities and most populated urban centers are (as of 2010):
The capital and largest city is Buenos Aires (Capital Federal), with a population of 2,965,403 inhabitants, and if we add the metropolitan area (Gran Buenos Aires) is of 11,298,030 inhabitants.  Córdoba: 1,197,926 inhabitants  Rosario: 1,095,906 inhabitants  Mendoza: 773.559 inhabitants  La Plata: 640.344 inhabitants  San Miguel de Tucumán: 622.348  Mar del Plata: 519.707  Santa Fe: 394.388  Salta: 370.302  San Juan: 353.476  Resistance: 291.083  Santiago del Estero: 264.273.

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