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Several provinces or regions of Uruguay we have noted in Uruguay which are great. In Uruguay there are provinces which look directly into the sea, the Atlantic Ocean, some overlooking the Río de la Plata, others inside the country. Remember that although Uruguay is the second smallest in South America it is a great destination to visit in South America. In total, 19 provinces or departments that make up the 175.000 square kilometers of the country and home to more than 3 million people in Uruguay, most of them in big cities, and especially in the city of Montevideo, the capital of the country.

Artigas Colonia and Montevideo, where is located the capital are the main cities of Uruguay. Montevideo is the most populous, with over 1.5 million. Black River, Flores, is the least populated city, with only 25.000 inhabitants, Canelones, with almost half a million inhabitants is the second most populous province after the department capital.


Punta del Este Uruguay South America

As for the extension, 175.000 square kilometers which is divided into19 states, provinces or departments, have in Tacuarembo, inside, the largest, with 15,000 square kilometers, followed closely by Salto, also in the interior with 14.000. The smallest is Montevideo, with 530 square kilometers where 40% of the population.


Colonial and Montevideo Uruguay

There are many things you can do in Uruguay, a Latin American country located on the east, along the Río de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean. Leisure, tourism, holiday, nature, charter yachts, sports, Spanish courses …there are many possibilities found in Uruguay.


Punta del Este Uruguay South America

Uruguay is a country of contrasting landscapes, from the interior to the coast there are wide differences, we can start by visiting Montevideo, the capital, an amazing city where cultural and leisure offer is extensive, with the possibility of visiting a play, see a tango really. Montevideo is the heart of this South American country, in this city you will find everything you want, but do not forget that in other regions will be able to enjoy other activities such as National flokloreFestival held in Durazno, the San Fernando Cathedral, in Maldonado, or if you would like to simply relax, nothing better than Kiyu Spa in San Jose.


Aguas Dulces Uruguay South America

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