Salvador da Bahia

Bahia is an Africanized state of Brazil. Its capital, Salvador da Bahia (often abbreviated to Salvador), is a fascinating city with many historical buildings and beautiful beaches.


Colonial buildings of San Salvador da Bahia Brazil



Beaches of San Salvador da Bahia


The city was founded in 1549 and for more than 300 years it was considered the most important city in Brazil and the second of the Portuguese Empire after Lisbon.


San Salvador da Bahia Brazil South America

It used to be the Sugar trade center and was known for its churches filled with gold, its incredible mansions, their frantic festivals and for its sensuality and decadence.

Carnival in Salvador is justly famous and attracts many tourists every year.


Sunset in San Salvador Bahia Brazil


It is also possible visiting  their 34 colonial churches, the Afro-Brazilian Museum, dedicated to black culture, and the Elevador Lacerda, an Art Deco structure with electric lifts, which rises and falls 85 m in less than fifteen seconds and transports daily more than 50,000 passengers between the port and the historic part of town, situated on a hill.


Colonial Church in San Salvador Bahia Brazil