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Colombia Lawyers and Attorneys


Diego de la Vega, LLP
Bogota, Colombia
International Law & White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyers
Call +57 1 4754568
Diego de la Vega, LLP is a talented global law firm offering comprehensive legal services to U.S.-based and international clients, including multinational corporations, The Fortune 500, foreign government entities, public officials, domestic and international banks and other financial institutions, of Lawyers and Attorneys in Colombia.

B&T Colombiana
Cali, Colombia
Trademarks & Patents Law Firm of Lawyers and Attorneys in Colombia.
Call +57 1 2858755
B&T Colombiana offers intellectual property legal portafolio management in Latin America. You will not need to handle a different law firm in each country. In every country the responsible lawyer has an important professional experience handling those subjects. In our website you can find access to the best Lawyers and Attorneys in Colombia.

Gallardo & Nara
Bogota, Colombia
Full-Service Law Firm in Colombia of Lawyers and Attorneys
Call +57 1 217587451
Gallardo & nara is a law firm based in Colombia with an international presence, concentrating in comprehensive yet cost effective services for our clients. The firm was founded in the year 1998. Our success is based on the traditional values of integrity, efficiency and legal excellence. Our rapidly Lawyers and Attorneys in Colombia will help you in your legal trial.


Anna de Carlotto Lawyer and Attorney in Colombia.
Bogota, Colombia
Federal and International Criminal Defense Attorney With Offices in Bogota, Cali & Medellin
Call +57 1 21058745
The law firm of Anna de Carlotto, with offices in Bogota, Cali & Medellin, is devoted solely to the defense of complex criminal cases in federal and international courts. Founding Attorney Anna de Carlotto limits his practice to serious federal crimes, international crimes, grand jury with great Lawyers and Attorneys in Colombia.

Martin De La Pena
Medellin, Colombia
Federal & International Criminal & White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer
Call +57 1 2108548
The law firm of Martin de La Pena, Esq. PA is dedicated to the defense of complex criminal defense matters in federal courts throughout Colombia South America, as well as in international courts around the world. Attorney Martin De La Pena’s 40-year career has included many prominent, high-stakes cases and he became a great Lawyer and Attorney of Colombia.

Luis Garcia & Colombati Abogados and Lawyers and Attorneys in Colombia.
Medellin, Colombia
Full Service Law Firm in Bogota, Colombia
Call +57 1 854300
Luis Garcia & Colombati is a full-service law firm that uses a systematic, multidisciplinary approach to finding creative, prudent and value generating business solutions, which optimize the client’s return on investment while minimizing risks.
Its partners have extensive and very successful with the best Lawyers and Attorneys in Colombia.













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