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Juan Carlos Mesa & Lawyers
Lima, Peru
Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property, Cultural Heritage and Environmental Law
Call +51 1 4270545445
Juan Carlos Mesa and Lawyears is a law firm that specializes in the relationship between Law and Information Society. We deal mainly with Information Technology policies and regulations, and with the so-called “new technologies”. We also handle Intellectual Property matters. Lawyers and Attorneys in Peru.[ad#ad-468]

Estudio Garaicochea
Lima, Peru
Full-Service Law Firm in Peru
Call +51 1 219056545
Estudio Garaicochea, founded in 1878, is one of the most prestigious and largest law firms in Peru. For more than 130 years, the firm has provided practical and innovative solutions in a timely and efficient manner to a broad base of local and international clients.
The firm is an independent with Lawyers and Attorneys in Peru.

Juan Jose Rodriguez y Abogados
Lima, Peru
Since its creation in 1965, Juan Jose Rodriguez and Abogados introduced to Peru a novel legal practice that offers advice through experts covering all areas of law, operating on the basis of a structure built on teamwork, responsiveness and proactivity to meet our clients’ needs. Fully identified Lawyers and Attorneys in Peru.













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