Activities in Peru

In the Andes, trekking and mountaineering is common practice in the dry season from May to September. The most important tour is the attractive Inca route (33 km), which lasts three days and runs through the west of Cuzco, where you can rent the necessary equipment.


Climb mountains in Peru


The most important center for climbing and trekking of Peru is located in Huaraz, north of Lima, and the highest peak is Huascaran (6770 m). Always there is availability of equipment, guides and drivers, and the best time for hiking is June to August.


Historical center of Lima Peru South America


In Iquitos it is possible to arrange excursions to the jungle. The guides tend to address the visitors but it is advisable to ask for references or a recommendation. The companies who run quality accommodation usually provide accredited guides. The stay can vary from one day up to a week. It is advisable to have an insect lotion.


Inca Trail Peru Machu Picchu


In the river Urubamba, near Cuzco, you can practice rafting and in Yarinacocha, canoeing. The peninsula of Paracas and the Ballestas Islands have the most renowned reserves of marine animals and birds of the coast. From January to March, the beaches are ideal for swimming.


Rafting in Peru rivers


Every day, relatively inexpensive tours to reservations are organized. On the south coast you can visit the cellars of the city of Ica or participate in guided tours to the Colca Canyon, near Arequipa.


Rafting in Peru