Venezuela is a republic located in northern South America, in its Atlantic side, whose real name is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It is a country located near the Ecuador, and consists of an area in South America and a zone consisting of hundreds of small islands in the Caribbean. It borders with countries like Colombia, Guyana and Brazil.

Venezuela, in terms of tourism, is one of the jewels of South America, the most visited places, as it has top resorts worldwide as Margarita Island, a real economic stronghold in the country, and that tourism, along with oil agriculture and move the economy of Venezuela, a country with more than 27 million and half people. The official currency is the Bolivar Venezuela, whose value is 3,000 bolivars approximately euro and language, Castilian or Spanish.


Travel to Venezuela South America


The composition of the country is 23 federal states and two districts of islands. Venezuelan states of Zulia highlighted as the most populous, with more than 3 million people, almost three million Miranda, Distrito Capital, where is located the capital of Venezuela, Caracas – with two million inhabitants and Carabobo, with a similar population the Capital District.


Venezuela flag

Venezuela is, in general, a country you should visit at least once in his life for his landscapes, its natural areas, species endemic flora and fauna, in general for its beauty and for its scenery and unexplored contrasts of sea and mountains. The Andes, the Guayana Massif, or the Orinoco River will surely impress.

Culturally this is a mestizo country, whose culture is a mixture of Spanish culture, Indian culture and African culture. Each maintains its own peculiarities, but all sharing the same space, giving the country a leading wealth in areas such as gastronomy, art and culture.


Travel to Venezuela South America


The beach, natural resources, its conditions, its little hidden paradises, islands, surfing, windsurfing, scuba diving, close customer service, cuisine, culture and history, they are all ingredients of this South American country where the mild climate makes the rest to become a global tourist destination of the first order, with places like Los Roques and Margarita Island.


Venezuelan Map


Venezuela is, therefore, nature, Venezuela is the beach, is rest, is sport, and unplugged from the routine and daily life, is a place where either Caracas, Gran Roque or Margarita Island will have no problems find accommodation in a hotel or an apartment or a cottage by the sea surrounded by coconut palms, a dream that you can make happen.

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