Surroundings of Huaraz

The main center of mountaineering, trekking and hiking in the country is Huaraz. The city has been destroyed several times by earthquakes. Hence it is not attractive. However, the surrounding mountains have got an exceptional beauty and many travelers come to Peru specifically to visit this place.


Do ski in Huaraz Peru South America


Los Andes peaks encircling the city of Huaraz are permanently covered with snow. Many mountains reach up to 6,000 m altitude. The climbing and hiking season, are extended from May to September. There are also glacial lakes, hot springs and Inca archaeological sites, among them the most important is  Chavin de Huantar.


Andes range mountain


Huascaran National Park, founded in 1975, protects a large part of the Cordillera Blanca. Huaraz is a great base camp, with many hotels, and guides.


Mountains of Huaraz Peru South America