Valparaiso, located 120 km northwest of Santiago, is Chile’s main port and second largest city.


Port of Valparaiso at night


Despite its size, it is the most characteristic city of the country and the most enigmatic of South America. It occupies a narrow strip of land between the coast and the surrounding hills. It consists of a center with winding cobbled streets, dominated by cliffs and slums perched on the hill that can be accessed by a funicular railway and through the stairs.


Valparaiso Chile South America


This is a city with crossroads and it is almost impossible to visit it completely. In fact the city promotes the implementation of labyrinthine walks aimlessly and funicular.


Coastline of Valparaiso


The Natural History Museum, Fine Arts and the Maritime are very famous. It is also very important the Prat Pier which is a bustling commercial area recently restored.


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