San Andres and Providencia


San Andres Caribbean area


This Caribbean archipelago is located some 750 km northwest of the Colombian mainland and only 230 km east of Nicaragua. The southern group of islands lies around San Andres, which has got shape of hippocampus.

While 90 km away to north the mountainous Providencia Island lies in the middle of the tropical sea. San Andres has been particularly affected by the rise of tourism, but the charm and beauty of these islands have been largely preserved.


Sunset in the San Andres Caribbean beaches


The turquoise waters, extensive coral reefs and abundant marine life are a paradise for lovers of snorkeling and diving, while the sun-drenched beaches make that the ultraviolet rays almost appear healthy. The relaxed pace of life, the friendly and safe environment, and the touristic facilities (not cheap, of course) make the archipelago a good place to escape from the world.


Boat trips in San Andres


San Andres is the most economical and convenient route between Central America and Colombia. There is an air bridge between the islands and the mainland, and direct connections from several capitals of the southern United States. There is no regular ferry or barge, but the freighters and merchant ships from Panama and Cartagena often accept passengers.