Geography of Ecuador

Ecuador is located on the equator in South America, so that its territory is located in both hemispheres. Colombia is bordered to the north and south and east by Peru. To the west is bordered by the Pacific Ocean. The extension of the country is 256,370 square kilometers. Ecuador is divided into four regions, which are distributed 22 provinces and 205 cantons.


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Population of Ecuador
The Republic of Ecuador is 13,755,680 inhabitants. 32.6% are under 14 years, 62.3% of people aged between 15 and 64 years and those 65 years represent 5.1% of the population. The rate of population growth of 1,554%.


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Language of Ecuador
Castilian is the official language. Quechua, Shuar and the other ancestral languages are for official use for indigenous peoples in accordance with the Constitution.


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Economy of Ecuador
Oil has been the main source of foreign income for the country. Other products of importance to the economy have been bananas, coffee, cocoa, shrimp, timber, tuna, and in recent years, the flowers. In tourism is in fourth place in terms of generating foreign exchange. The current Ecuadorian law aims to promote industry development through the Industrial Development Act, primarily for companies that offer benefits for the country. In addition to large industries such as timber and textiles, there are also small and cottage industries. In Ecuador worth noting that craft production in the country is very rich, especially in the textile field. The currency is the U.S. dollar.










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