Places in Venezuela


Venezuela is a country composed of 23 districts, of which 21 are in the South American continent and two in the Caribbean. There are 23 states spread over fifty parks in their domains.

As highlighted destinations Caracas, the capital of the country is in the Central District, not least of Los Roques, in the federal or the best known and tourism, Isla Margarita in the District of Nueva Esparta.


Caracas Venezuela South America

Each of these 23 states has its quirks and characteristics, from the coastal districts to the interior districts, forests, mountains and the beach, nature … this is all a set of great and interesting points of interest in Venezuela to visit and take an unforgettable memory of your stay at this place in Latin America.


Caribbean beaches of Venezuela South America

Its history and nature, past and present without forgetting the future, their way of life, are all features that you can enjoy in Venezuela, a country rich in culture, rich in environment and natural areas unforgettable for you and great in terms of tourist services in certain areas.

Venezuela is one of the South American countries where it receives more tourists per year, which is why his choice of activities is so broad and varied, from sport to culture, to leisure and nature activities…


Colonial houses in Venezuela

If you have chosen to Venezuela for a vacation, and intended to visit as many sites as possible, you know you can start with the capital, Caracas, where you can go to the Botanical Gardens and enjoy the 70 hectares that has more two thousand different species. Then, before leaving the city, can give a walk around the image, the most important monuments and buildings.


Waterfalls in Roraima Venezuela South America

Outside Caracas know that the southeast is the Venezuelan Amazon,an area that we recommend you go all or only adventure, as species that can be found there are extremely dangerous, such as anacondas or jaguars. On the other hand, if the end of his trip is idle, you can been joying some of the beaches of Venezuela, its golden sand and crystal clear waters that invite you to enjoy activities such as scuba diving, you can stay in a hotel with all services included in the price, or stay in a cottage by the sea, the choice is yours.


Caracas Venezuela South America

Isla Margarita, Los Roques, and national parks are other alternatives, in the case of the first two, for example, is an excellent choice if you love windsurfing or kite, as they are two great locations to practicet hese sports and two first class tourist destinations, in which the service will be exquisite.

We describe in the following links the best tourist destinations of Venezuela: