Places to visit in Cordoba Argentina


Alta Gracia Town


Come to this other great province in Argentina. Here, you will feel like you have traveled back in time as you immerse yourself in the colonial architecture. Its history is also known as one of the greatest western cities of the past.

The city of Cordoba is the second largest city in Argentina and is located right in the centre of Argentina.
It is located at the foothills of the Sierras Chicas Mountains in the valley of the Suquia River. The weather is moderate and pleasant with average temperatures varying between 11°C and 24°C.

Though the seasons vary, Cordoba’s weather in fall is pleasantly warm, with mostly sunny days and some rain.
Winter is cold and dry. Spring starts the humid weather, as the rainy season begins and continues through the summer with daily thunderstorms.

There are many popular parks in the city of Córdoba where tourists can enjoy the scenery.
Festivals and artisan fairs are held throughout the city all through the week. Popularly visited monuments and squares within Córdoba city include the Plaza San Martin and the colonial era government building known as the Cabildo.

The Tourists can travel to Alta Gracia, a city perhaps most noted for being the childhood home of Latin American cultural figure Che Guevara.
Also in Alta Gracia is the Museo de la Estancia Jesuí­tica de Alta Gracia. The building is a 17th century ancient Jesuit compound.

punilla valley

Punilla Valley


Further outside the capital of Córdoba is the little city of Villa General Belgrano, known for its German influenced culture and buildings. The town is home to a number of German beer pubs, and boasts a popular annual Oktoberfest celebration.

In Cordoba you also can visit the beautiful “Valle the Punilla” (Punilla Valley).
It is a unique area full of rivers, mountains and beautiful small towns. All traveling distances are relatively small and can easily be done with the local bus network. And Punilla Valley is an amazing place to visit in your next trip to Cordoba, Argentina.

Mar Chiquita in Cordoba, Argentina
The fifth largest salt lagoon in the world, in the provincial northeast. Amazing nature in a huge lagoon that resembles an inland sea. It is a world-renowned bird reserve. Miramar, the only coastal town, is its main tourist center.

El Camino Real Cordoba
The road crosses the north of Córdoba, from Caroya to San Francisco del Chañar. The stops are in the posts of colonial times (like the one of Sinsacate) and in the several towns that conserve historical soul, like Villa Tulumba (photo) and Villa del Totoral.

La Cumbrecita
A village in the style of the Alps, but with a cordobes tune, in the heights of the Sierras Grandes. Mix of German and mountain traditions, La Cumbrecita surprises between forestations and waterfalls. On the way, it is worth stopping at Intiyaco and Villa Berna, or diverting to the beautiful Villa Alpina.
Not far away, Villa Yacanto serves as the center of another area among pine forests, hills and transparent rivers, with postcard landscapes such as El Durazno, Pinar de los Ríos and San Miguel de los Ríos.