Paraguay is a South American country, located in the center of the continent, it is a landlocked country. Its territory is composed in 17 departments and one capital district. Paraguay capital is the city of Asunción

Paraguay is surrounded by countries such as Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina. It is a country that is split in two by the Rio Paraguay, the eastern and western. It is a temperate country, without great contrasts, and its cities and towns are located aroundthe Rio Paraná and Rio Paraguay.

Paraguay is a country ideal for those looking for some comfort during your vacation. Interior is a country where rural tourism is the defendant, the natural attractions are its main attraction, and tranquility. Ciudad del Este, Asuncion, Encarnacion … are the most tourist cities of the country, cities can enjoy shopping, gastronomy, or the monuments and buildings.


Travel to Paraguay South America

Paraguay is a country to enjoy nature, APRA is an ideal touring some of its major cities, to enjoy its rural accommodation in hotels,apartments or hostels, an ideal location, the After To enjoy a different holiday in South America.

The Paraguayan Constitution declares it as a bilingual and multicultural country, established as official languages ​​Spanish and Guarani. The Guarani is spoken for 87% of the population and their oral and written use is governed by the Guaraní Language Academy.


Flag of Paraguay

One of the things to do in Paraguay is hiking, an outdoor sport closely related to nature, visit the Chaco, visit natural areas, navigable rivers, such as Paraná and Rio Paraguay, both flora and incredible fauna …

Map of Paraguay

Map of Paraguay

Map of Paraguay

Enjoy your holidays in Paraguay, a destination for sun, culture, nature and above all quiet, very quiet!.


Outdoor sports, excursions by boat or by car to places like the Rio Paraná or Paraguay River, visiting cities such as Asunción, Concepción, Ciudad del Este and Villa Hayes, sightseeing … enjoy a holiday in Paraguay is to enjoy a wide range of possibilities.

The territory of Paraguay is the eighth largest in South America and the 60th in size of the World

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