Arequipa and Titicaca Lake

Known as the white city, Arequipa is surrounded by spectacular mountains, among we can find the volcano El Misti. The city has beautiful buildings constructed with volcanic rock of a white appearance.


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The convent of Santa Catalina, the most fascinating religious monument of the country, was inhabited by nearly 450 nuns. Many of the colonial houses of the city, such as Casa Ricketts, are now art galleries and museums.


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Accommodation and food is cheap and establishments are cozy. From Arequipa you shouldn’t miss the excursion to Colca Canyon, one of the deepest in the world.


Arequipa Peru South America


The Titicaca, at 3820 m altitude, is the highest navigable lake worldwide. With more than 170 km in length, is also the largest in South America. Because of the altitude, the sky is clear and its blue waters offer an impressive look.


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From Puno, the main port of the lake, boat excursions are possible. The area also is famous for its folk dances and their herds of alpacas and llamas.


Colonial houses in Arequipa Peru