El Pantanal


Fauna in Pantanal Brazil

Although the Amazon takes all the glory, the best place to see wildlife is the Pantanal.


This large area of wetlands, half size of France, is located in the far west of Brazil and it is extended to the border regions of Bolivia and Paraguay.


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The most common fauna are birds, but the Pantanal is also a sanctuary for giant river otters, anacondas, iguanas, jaguars, pumas, crocodiles, deer and anteaters.


Rivers in Pantanal Brazil

It is possible to acces the area, by Transpantaneira road leading to the village of Porto Jofre, where you can find a single hotel. This town is sparsely inhabited and devoid of villages.

From the city of Rio Paraguai, on the border with Bolivia, boat trips are organized.


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Markets in Pantanal Brazil

The city has a reputation as a center for arms smuggling, drug trafficking and poaching, so caution is advised.


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