Ushuaia Tierra del Fuego Argentina


Boat ride in The Beagle Channel


Ushuaia is the southernmost town in the world; it is located on the shores of the Beagle Channel and surrounded by the Martial Mounts. It is the capital city of the Tierra del Fuego Province, and this superlative location allows passengers to enjoy the ocean, snowed mountains and woods at the same time. Moreover, it is an awesome place for shopping because the whole island is a tax free zone, thus you can find lots of imported goods along with regional products.

Its capricious topography has generated a picturesque town which combines colors and unevenness with the silhouette of the Andes Mountain Range as background.

In this city is nice to note the building contrast between the modern constructions and the wooden houses with gabled sheet metals that give it a particular characteristic to this Patagonian town.

The summer is the best season for doing activities such as trekking, mountain bike, horseback riding, sporting fishing and the most astounding tours along the Beagle Canal, Cape Horn and even the Argentine Antarctica.

During the summer as well there are several cruises reaching the port of Ushuaia bringing numberless groups of tourists willing to meet all the attractions in town.

Ushuaia offers a very good lodging and gastronomic infrastructure, where you can try the traditional  spider crab surrounded by the frame of a prodigious nature.

In the winter, Ushuaia offers a large variety of activities in order to enjoy snow. The great geography of this city allows the ski practicing, alpine skiing (in descent) as well as, cross country skiing (flat land).

The Weather in Ushuaia, in spite of its geographical situation, is not as severe as it seems, since both the mountains and the sea soften it.


Local Fauna in The Beagle Channel

The main tourist spots in Ushuaia are:

Maritime Museum:

It displays model ships, archaeological artifacts, and collections of old-time Ushuaia and Tierra del Fuego.

Boat ride in the beagle channel:

It is a boat trip to the penguin rookery, Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, Bird Island and the Martillo Island, where a rookery of Magellanic Penguins can be found in the summer.

Mare Australis Cruises

Cruises sail through the Magellan straight, the Beagle channel and Cape Horn, exploring one of the most beautiful virgin areas in the world.

Tierra del Fuego National Park:

It offers opportunities for sports and recreation, including horseback riding, mountain biking, trekking and hiking.

End of the world train

This narrow gauge train of the end of the world was built to bring lumber from the forests to Ushuaia to build and heat the penal colony. Nowadays is a touristic train that allows passengers visiting amazing landscapes through the Tierra del Fuego National Park.

Escondido and Fagnano lakes:

In order to visit these magnificent you can travel aboard a 4×4 vehicle deep into the forest. During this trip you can also view the coast and trek as much as you want. This is one of the most authentic ways to discover Tierra del Fuego, the end of the world.

Penguin rookery and Estancia harberton:

During this excursion you head east where you pass Island of the Wolves, Isla Pajaros and the Les Eclaireurs lighthouse. After that, you can see Puerto Almanza and Isla Martillo, famous for its penguin colony. Finally, you disembark at the Harberton Estancia where you can enjoy a traditional Patagonian barbecue, the river and glimpse the Chilean island of Picton.

Ski at Mount Castor

Mount Castor stands out, where Nordic and Alpine skiing can be practiced. With its modern lifts, it has one of the best ski schools of Argentina.

To sum up, lured by the particular mysticism of its geography and its natural environment, tourists from all round the world visit Ushuaia every year, thus making it one of the most preferred destinations for unique vacations