The Iguazu Falls



Iguazu Falls Brazil South America

The Iguazu River rises in the coastal mountains of Parana and Santa Catarina, the Serra do Mar, and flows westward along 600 km, before widening its channel in a majestic way.



Water falls in Brazil

it goes through the jungle on the border with Argentina and Paraguay, and it forms a tiered cascade over 3 km wide and 80 m high. The best time of the year to visit the falls is from August to November when there is less risk of flooding in the catwalks.

The falls are unequally shared between Brazil and Argentina, from both sides, there is a national park surrounding the amazing Iguazu waterfalls and offering a lot of opportunities for adventure.


Devil's throat Iguazu Falls


It is not possible to say which side of the border is the more rewarding, because the National Park Iguassu in Brazil offers a better panoramic view of the totality of the 276 falls, meanwhile the Iguazu National Park in Argentina provides an up-close and personal experience. Both are absolutely thrilling.


Catwalks in the Brazilian side of the Iguazu Falls


That said, it is not possible to do justice to both sides of the falls in a single day, so plan to spend a full day in either park. The Iguazu Falls has got a flow capacity equal to 3 times that of Niagara Falls.


Tucan of the Iguazu falls