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Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest

While there isn’t such thing as an official list of leading hotels, there are many organisations, magazines and website that compile their own lists. These lists help millions of travellers because they inform them about which hotels can provide a high level of service.

The truth is, there is a large number of high-quality hotels today and this number is constantly growing. The quality of service is also being improved, each and every year. Finest services, luxurious settings and the variety of experiences is what leading hotels are known for.
It’s understandable that hospitality is at a very high level and travellers don’t have to worry about a single thing while staying in one of these leading hotels of the world.

Mandarin Oriental
Located in Hong Kong, this hotel is the perfect combination of East and West. The charm of the East meets with high-tech of the West to provide perfect ambient and services at the highest level. Large windows offer a view you will never forget because that’s all you are going to be looking at while having your breakfast.

Trump International Hotel
Located in New York, this 52 stories high-rise is designed by Costas Kondyli and Philip Johnson. Even though this is a 5-star hotel, you can freely add a couple of more stars do compensate for the services, hospitality, fantastic cuisine and a beautiful view of Central Park.

Langham Hotel
Located in London, this 150 years old hotel is one of the first Grand hotels in the world. Luxury is abundant here, especially after a renovation that had the owner spend $120M. Charm, charm and charm are what Langham is all about. European cuisine, a glamorous bar and indoor pool will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding visitors.

Soho House
Located in Berlin, Soho House is set in a Bauhaus building that was restored in 1928. There are 40 rooms within the walls of this hotel and they are all differently designed. Unique amenities, Cowshed Spa, a movie theatre and a rooftop pool separate this hotel from many others. And, it’s very hard to be admitted to this hotel, it’s meant for private members, no exclusions!

Four Seasons Resort
Located in Hualalai, this high luxury hotel on Hawaii has 7 swimming pools and spa services that will keep you away from the beach. If you somehow manage to get away from the spa, beautiful rooms and the cuisine in the restaurant, you can enjoy the beautiful beach that’s filled with private tiki huts and bungalows.

Four Seasons Gresham Palace
Located in Budapest, this hotel is one the best examples of architecture that was prevalent a century and a half ago – art nouveau. Gold mosaic towers, stained glass portraits and big, luxurious courtyard with a beautiful view on the river of Danube attract thousands of wealthy tourists.

Hotel De Crillon
Located in Paris, this hotel was built for an 18-century king of France – Louis XV. Unique design with salons and suites stuffed with mirrors, gilt, Wedgwood medallions, Aubusson carpets and Baccarat crystal is what this hotel is all about. You might think you entered 18th century once you step inside this hotel, but Wi-Fi Internet and LED TVs will remind you that you are in 21st century, in one of the most luxurious, modern hotels in the world.

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